Curiee's Quantum Computing Curriculum

    Our curriculum follows the book "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information", by Michael Nielsen and Isaac Chuang:

  1. Quantum Computation: History & Overview
  2. Quantum Mechanics for Quantum Computing
  3. Quantum Instructions Sets & Quantum Circuits
  4. Programming a Quantum algorithm with pyQuil, Cirq, #Q
  5. Noise in Quantum Computation and basic error correction
  6. Benchmarking Quantum Processors
  7. The Variational Quantum Eigensolver
  8. Quantum Approximate Optimization
  9. Quantum Hardware
  10. Quantum Compilation
  11. Quantum Machine Learning
  12. Quantum Error Correction and Fault tolerant Quantum Computing
  13. Algorithms for Fault-tolerant QC: Shor's factoring and period finding
  14. Algorithms for Fault-tolerant QC: Grover search
  15. The quantum linear systems algorithm (HHL)
  16. Measurement Based Quantum Computing & Blind Quantum Computing