Curiee Thursdays Nights

We meet every two Thursdays at our space in Los Angeles to:
  • learn quantum computing;
  • attend/present lightning talks;
  • work on our projects, ideas, and open-source quantum computing software;
  • connect with other quantum computing enthusiasts.
  • Our curriculum is based on Mike and Ike's book, "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information":
  • Quantum Computation: History & Overview.
  • Quantum Mechanics for Quantum Computing.
  • Quantum Instructions Sets & Quantum Circuits.
  • Programming a Quantum algorithm with pyQuil, Cirq, #Q.
  • Noise in Quantum Computation and basic error correction.
  • Benchmarking Quantum Processors.
  • The Variational Quantum Eigensolver.
  • Quantum Approximate Optimization.
  • Quantum Hardware.
  • Quantum Compilation.
  • Quantum Machine Learning.
  • Quantum Error Correction and Fault tolerant Quantum Computing.
  • Algorithms for Fault-tolerant QC: Shor's factoring and period finding.
  • Algorithms for Fault-tolerant QC: Grover search.
  • Curiee provides dinner and beverages.
    (suspended until further notice because of COVID-19)

    Curiee Quantum Awards

    Have you written something interesting about quantum computing? Are you creating some art to express the beauty of quantum mechanics? Curiee has a small fund to reward members who are working on relevant quantum-computing-related content.

    Being part of our tribe

    If you would like to join us, please apply here.